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Jungle Love: More Posin’, This Time With Friends

December 15, 2013

After Mr. Panther and I strutted our stuff for the camera and I sweat off all my makeup, it was time for the rest of the wedding party to join in on the fun. Ladies first!

Panther Wedding - Bridesmaids

I love how our bouquets came out. I had initially wanted more pastel-y colors, but looking back, I love the bright pinks and yellows with the turquoise dresses.

Panther Wedding - Bridesmaids with turquoise dresses and peony bouquets

Didn’t I have the most beautiful bridesmaids?! Insanity.

We grabbed one more shot – this time, a traditional one – before Mr. Panther and the boys joined us.

Panther Wedding - Traditional Bridesmaids Photo

Panther Wedding - Group Wedding Party

Did I ever talk about where our groomsmen got their suits? We looked at rentals, but we couldn’t find any slim-fit options. I think there may be more now, but back then, it was slim pickins. (Get it? Har har har.) So, a family friend who worked at a rental shop found some slim-fit suits that we could custom-order for a great price. The guys all got black slim-fit suits at a discount, and we got these awesome pictures! Win-win.

Panther Wedding - Groomsmen in black suits

The black skinny ties are Alfani from Macy’s, and they came with silver tie bars.

When we were done with the traditional shots, we walked toward the water for some more interesting backgrounds. Eric and Amber found this spot between a fence and a big-ass tree, and we all attempted to look cool.

Panther Wedding - Wedding Party by Fence

Some of our wedding party members are a lot better at looking cool than we are, but I still really like the smiling version, too.

Panther Wedding - Wedding Party by Fence

Next, we got some of my favorite photos of the day down at the sailboat dock. It wasn’t easy to walk out there in heels – I swear, I nearly fell into the water multiple times – but somehow, we made it!

Panther Wedding - Wedding Party on Dock

And, the too-cool-for-smiling version:

Panther Wedding - Wedding Party on Dock

Lordy, it was hot and sunny out there. Luckily, a few of the groomsmen got to take their jackets off for this shot:

Panther Wedding - Groomsmen on Dock

Next, we stumbled off the dock and back up to the main lawn to find our little flower girls.

Panther Wedding - Bride Groom and Flower Girls in Purple Dresses

I mean, those dresses. They were perfect. PERFECT. And the girls looked so beautiful!

Panther Wedding - Flower Girl in Purple Dress

Before we let the wedding party take a break (and get a drink), we grabbed a photo with the whole gang.

Panther Wedding - Wedding Party with Black Suits, Turquoise Dresses and Purple Flower Girl Dresses

Some of our family members had showed up by then, so we took some photos with them, too. We wanted to do whatever we could to save time during the cocktail hour – we wanted drinks and hors d’oeuvres, thank you very much.

Mr. Panther’s family (his grandparents and parents) was first:

Panther Wedding - Family Photo

Panther Wedding - Family Photo

Then, mine – this one is my uncle and aunt, my mom, and my cousin and his then-girlfriend.

Panther Wedding - Family Photo

After that, we had a little bit of time to grab our own drinks before it was time for … dun, dun, dun … the ceremony!

What photos will you take before your ceremony to avoid using up valuable cocktail hour time?

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  • All photos by Raw Photo Design

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