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Jungle Love: The Panthers Get Posin’

November 24, 2013

It’s funny – you spend months and months of time planning what you and your future-husband will look like in your wedding photos. We agonize over every little detail, and we go through countless fittings and trials to make sure the look will be executed to perfection. But how many of us actually practice posing? Sometimes, I wish I had. I love how our wedding portraits came out, but damn, am I awkward. Thank goodness Raw Photo Design realized that the pictures would come out better if they avoided my face.

Wedding Portrait - Amsale Dahlia

Kidding, kidding! There are plenty of photos with our faces in them. But seriously, that one is one of our very favorites from the entire day. So is this next one.

Wedding Portraits - Gold Glitter Jimmy Choo Clue

We spent a lot of time on that beautiful rock wall.

Wedding Portraits - Rock Wall

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia

And we had to grab some shots on the rocky beach, which was one of my favorite things about the Inn at Longshore.

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia - Rocky Beach - Inn at Longshore

By the way, have I mentioned how hot and sunny it was on our wedding day?! I really shouldn’t complain – we were SO lucky to have sunshine – but I could barely keep my eyes open … as you can see below.

Wedding Portraits - Inn at Longshore - Rocky Beach

But again, I can’t complain, because we got photos in which the sky looks like this:

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia

Hopefully, you can’t tell how sweaty I was.

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia

We grabbed a couple individual pictures, too. Doesn’t Mr. Panther look handsome?

Wedding Portrait - Groom - Slim-Fit Suit

And then there was me, trying not to squint and failing miserably.

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia

Wedding Portraits - Low Side Chignon - Lace Veil - Hair Flowers

Our photographers also made sure to get some cheesy smile-at-the-camera shots, just in case any family members wanted them.

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia

Gotta have the prom pose!

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia

We look kind of like secret agents in this one:

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia

This last one is probably the most accurate. We look what we were: happy.

Wedding Portraits - Amsale Dahlia

How will you prepare for your wedding portraits? Married ladies, did you feel as awkward as I did?

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  • All photos by Raw Photo Design

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