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For Eric

November 24, 2013

Hi, guys. I’m not sure if there are very many of you left who remember me. I started blogging about my wedding in 2010 and got married in 2011. My last recap post was over a year ago, and I only got up to the first look.

I’m ashamed. I was so lucky and so, so honored to be chosen as a Weddingbee blogger, and I had a responsibility that I didn’t follow through on. And I was going to just let it go. But then, this summer, something happened.

Panther Wedding - Eric Langlois during ceremony

The photo above was taken during our ceremony. The man in the foreground is one of our wedding photographers, Eric Langlois of Raw Photo Design.

Panther Wedding - Eric Langlois

Those of you who have already had your weddings know the bond you form with your photographer. Eric and his wife, Amber, were as integral to our day as any member of the wedding party. They helped us relax, they helped us get ready, they helped us soak everything in, and they recorded our wedding day in stunning detail for us to remember for the rest of our lives.

This past June, I read on Facebook that Eric had gone missing. He’d gone into a Connecticut state park to look for his bike and hadn’t returned. After about a week of searching and incredible support from Eric and Amber’s family and friends, he was found in Lake Lillinonah, where he had drowned.

When you put aside all the invitations and dresses and planning, above all, Weddingbee is about love. Eric and Amber and their two beautiful young children had that in spades.

Amber and Eric Langlois
(Photo from Amber’s Facebook page)

When someone you know goes through a horrible tragedy, all you want to do is help, and so often, all you feel is helpless. But there is one thing I can do, however small. I can share Eric’s work by sharing the beautiful photos he and Amber took at our wedding.

So, I’m back. For Eric. And for all of you. I owe it to Weddingbee to finish my recaps, and I’m so happy to be doing so.

If you’d like to get caught up, you can check out our first few recap posts:

Thanks for having me here, everybody. I missed you guys!

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