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Jungle Love: The First Look

September 9, 2012

After a whirlwind morning filled with hairspray fumes (me), stubborn zippers (me again) and cheap Mexican food (Mr. Panther), it was finally time for our first look.

I grabbed my recently-delivered bouquet and headed outside. Our photographers had found a field in between our ceremony area and the tennis courts.

Wedding - First Look - Amsale Dahlia

The field was grassy, and I was a little nervous about navigating in my shoes. But we brides will do just about anything for the perfect picture, so I hiked up my dress and headed forward. I could see Mr. Panther standing in the middle of the field, and I just wanted to get to him. We had spent so much time planning this day together – it seemed crazy that we’d already been through so much of it separately.

Wedding - First Look

I really was not very graceful in my Jimmy Choos, though, so it took me a while to get to him. Meanwhile, he looked straight at the camera. Real slick.

Wedding - First Look

Finally, I was behind my groom. I kinda wanted to squeeze his butt, just for laughs, but I had a feeling that wouldn’t make the best photos.

Wedding - First Look - Amsale Dahlia

So instead, I followed our photographers’ advice and grabbed his hand.

Wedding - First Look - Amsale Dahlia

He turned around, and we had our little magical moment.

Wedding - First Look - Amsale Dahlia

Wedding - First Look - Amsale Dahlia

Wedding - First Look - Amsale Dahlia

I wanted to steal away with Mr. Panther to tell him everything about my morning and hear all about his, but we had a packed schedule to stick to. So, we headed off toward the water for our wedding portraits.

Wedding - First Look - Water - Amsale Dahlia

Are you planning to do a first look before your ceremony?

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  • All photos by Raw Photo Design

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