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Jungle Love: The Males Get Prepped

July 3, 2012

While the girls were wrestling me into my dress, Mr. Panther and the guys were having a much more relaxing start to their day. Mr. Panther’s best man, Moses, had borrowed his stepfather’s 1950s Triumph TR3 for us to use as our getaway car, and spent the morning teaching Mr. Panther how to drive it.

Next, they squeezed in a trip to Chipotlé before suiting up. After a quick lunch, it was time for the groomsmen to head back to their rooms and for Mr. Panther to don his attire. He was tying his tie when our second photographer showed up at the hotel.

Groom Getting Ready - Tie

Groom Getting Ready - Tie

My man really knows how to tie a tie, amirite?!

Groom Getting Ready - Tie

Soon, groomsman Jamie showed up for some last-minute tie-tying assistance.

Groomsmen Getting Ready

Mr. Panther’s dad brought him the pocketwatch that he had worn for his wedding to Mr. Panther’s mom. It had originally belonged to Mr. Panther’s grandfather, and Mr. Panther swore to be extra-careful with it.

Groom Getting Ready - Pocketwatch

He laced up his shoes …

Groom Getting Ready - Shoes

And put on his jacket, finishing up with his shiny new tie clip.

Groom Getting Ready

Groom Getting Ready

Finally, the rest of the groomsmen showed up and it was time for last-minute adjustments.

Groomsmen Getting Ready

Groomsmen Getting Ready

Mr. Panther couldn’t resist riding to the venue in the Triumph – despite the damage it would inevitably do to his hair.

Groomsmen - Vintage Car - Triumph TR3

Wedding - Groom - Vintage Car - Triumph TR3

When Mr. Panther arrived at the Inn at Longshore, our florist was waiting with his boutonniere.

Groom - Billy Ball Boutonniere

After touching base with our wedding coordinator and dropping off some break CDs for the band, he headed outside to wait for me. It was almost time for our first look!

Where will your groom get ready? Would you trust him to ride across town in a 60 year old convertible in his wedding suit?

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  • All photos by Raw Photo Design

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