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Jungle Love: Get Up & Get Pretty

June 4, 2012

Oh my goodness, I’ve let a month and a half go by since my last recap! I don’t know this keeps happening, but let’s just pretend that the long break represented the long night’s sleep I got the night before the wedding. … Or not. I’d like to say I awoke on July 2nd fully rested and refreshed, but I don’t think any bride gets a good night’s sleep before the wedding. It didn’t matter – the day had finally come!

Wedding Dress Bride Hanger
Photo by Raw Photo Design

Our team of hairdressers and makeup artists from Dana Bartone & Company was scheduled to arrive in our suite bright and early, so I hopped into the shower right away. Before I could even towel off, our breakfast and lunch delivery from Panera Bread had arrived, and we were off and running.

I got my hair done first, but our photographers didn’t arrive until I was in the makeup chair. Thank goodness for that – no photo of me without makeup will ever make it onto the internet! I ended up going with a low side chignon, using my clip-in hair extensions. I couldn’t decide between my handmade obi flower clip and my cheapy chiffon flower from Forever 21 (go figure), so we just ended up clipping in both. More is more!

Then, it was time to put my face on.

Steph Makeup Side
Photo by Raw Photo Design

After lots of eye makeup deliberation, I opted for purple smokey shadow and dark blue liner.

Steph Makeup Eyes

Steph Makeup Lashes
Photos by Raw Photo Design

And of course, extra-long eyelash extensions.

Steph Makeup Top
Photo by Raw Photo Design

Pink lipgloss finished it off.

Steph Lipgloss
Photo by Raw Photo Design

I checked in the mirror and decided that Dana was a talented lady.

Steph Mirror
Photo by Raw Photo Design

Meanwhile, my bridesmaids, mom, future mother-in-law and aunt were getting prettied up, too. MOH Alisa is an amazing makeup artist and had volunteered to do the makeup for the rest of my bridesmaids. She got her hair done early so she’d be available to help the other ladies.

Alisa Makeup
Photo by Raw Photo Design

Once my hair and makeup were done, I was free to wander around with my camera to capture any moments I thought our photographers might miss. I had bought us all robes from Plum Pretty Sugar, and I was so happy that everyone wore them – they made for great photo ops!

Alisa Doing Leahs Makeup
Photo by me

The best part of wedding day mornings? It’s acceptable to drink mimosas at 10 a.m.

Mary Alice Makeup and Mimosa
Photo by me

We lounged around as long as possible before it was time to don our dresses and heels …

Wedding Dress Hanging Foreground
Photo by Raw Photo Design

Bridesmaids Shoes
Photo by me

We chowed down on bagels and pumped our bloodstreams full of coffee while we still had the chance …

Julie Mary Alice Leah Breakfast
Photo by me

My mom and future mother-in-law got the finishing touches done on their hair and makeup …

Mom Hair

Cheryl Makeup
Photos by me

We made sure to grab a group shot with all the robes …

Bride Bridesmaids Plum Pretty Sugar Matching Robes
Photo by Raw Photo Design

And before we knew it, it was time for everyone to get dressed. My dream dress was finally about to have her moment!

Amsale Blue Label Dahlia
Photo by Raw Photo Design

Where will you/did you get ready on the morning of your wedding?

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