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Jungle Love: Pre-Wedding Chaos

April 1, 2012

I’m thinking you guys are sick of my excuses about why my recaps are so late, so I will just say this: I am the worst person ever. I’m not done with my thank you cards yet, either. I KNOW. I’M WORKING ON IT!

The better news: The recaps are here! I’ve decided to title them “Jungle Love” (even though we didn’t get married in the jungle), because we are panthers, and panthers come from the jungle. And we love each other. Plus, it reminds me of the end credits from Jay & Silent Bob, which I also love, despite the fact that it’s a pretty dumb movie. It’s also hilarious.

The week before our wedding was just a teensy bit overwhelming. And by that I mean, I may or may not have wished for death a few times. I was so sick, and so, so tired. I just wanted to get the damn thing over with so I could get a full night’s sleep, and I felt guilty for just wanting to get the damn thing over with, and some major family drama had me stressed beyond belief. And on top of all that, I still had what felt like a million tasks to take care of. I had done everything I could to avoid last-minute projects, but since we were flying to Connecticut and had limited suitcase space, anything that couldn’t be done during the shower week in June had to be left for the week of the wedding. This included escort cards, welcome bags, wedding party gifts, photo booth props, bathrooms baskets, and a million other random things that we forgot to think about. Don’t do this to yourselves, ladies!

One of the random things was a base for our cake topper. Mr. Panther worked his magic with a cardboard base from Michael’s, white spray paint and floral wire. Didn’t he do a great job?!

Ann Wood Sweethearts - DIY Base

Thankfully, I was basically finished shopping for gifts, but I still needed to wrap them. I did have some fun with this one – metallic paper! Glitter ribbon! Glitter gift tags! PINK!

Wedding Party Gifts - Metallic and Glitter

Wedding Party Gifts - Metallic and Glitter

My mom’s floor was covered in glitter by the time I was finished. Sorry, Mom.

I don’t think I took a photo of the completed bathroom baskets, but they were something like this. (Though this photo appears to be the women’s items in the men’s basket. Weird.)

Wedding - Bathroom Baskets

And then there were the welcome bags. Oh, the welcome bags. What a nightmare. I really, truly hope that our guests enjoyed these, because they nearly took out my poor bridesmaids (and husband-to-be). We finished them on the night before the rehearsal dinner – really cutting it close – and it took so much longer than we anticipated. Then, when we finally finished, we had to figure out how we were going to stuff them all into my mom’s tiny car: an issue we hadn’t really thought out in advance. Whoops! This is just a small portion of them:

Wedding - Welcome Bags

Suffice it to say, they did not all fit. We finally came up with a plan to stuff half of them in Maid of Honor Alisa’s husband’s car. Poor guy.

I so wish I had photos of everything that was in the bags! We went with small bags of Cape Cod chips, little clear bags of gummi lobsters (we got ours from, but apparently they don’t sell them anymore!), bottled water, Wisp disposable toothbrushes, mints, and … um … honestly, you guys, I can’t even remember what else. Bad blogger! But I do have the files from the welcome notes I included in each bag. I designed them in Adobe Illustrator and had them printed by Catprint.

This was the front:
Welcome Note - Front
There was extra space at the bottom (which got chopped off in this image) where we hand-signed our names – in purple ink, of course!

And this was the back:
Welcome Note - Back

Mr. Panther created the map. Didn’t he do a nice job?

You wouldn’t know it by all the complaining I’m doing, but we had so much help leading up to the wedding. MOH Alisa hand-packaged the gummi lobster bags and tied a curly ribbon around the top of each one; she and bridesmaids Jess and Mary Alice created an assembly line with Mr. Panther and I to put together the welcome bags; my mom hand-numbered every escort card; Mr. Panther’s mom drove all over town picking up items for the welcome bags; my aunt and uncle transported and assembled our wedding arch … and so much more that I’m forgetting! I could thank everyone involved every single day for the rest of my life, and it still wouldn’t be enough.

Next up … the rehearsal!

To you married ladies, did you manage to stay sane the week before your wedding? If so, HOW?!

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