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I’m ‘Bout to Shower You in Recaps

January 13, 2012

Hello again! I keep faking you guys out – acting like I’m JUST ABOUT to start my recaps, then getting crazy busy again and disappearing. By now, so much time has passed, I worry that we’ve got a whole new set of readers who don’t even know who I am. And that would be a problem, because this here is the dreaded wedding shower recap – the last thing you want to see from somebody you don’t recognize. So I’ll keep it short!

My wedding shower was just a few weeks before our wedding, during a whirlwind of activity. It was the day after my hair and makeup trial, which was coolio because it meant I could leave my eyelash extensions in. Hey-oh!

My mom and matron-of-honor planned the shower, which was at a country club. This just so happened to be the country club where I waitressed during high school, where I had served many a bitchy bride. It was awesome to be back in my old workplace – I really loved working there, actually – but I did feel a little guilty ordering mimosas from my former coworkers. Oh, well.

I so wish I had some photos of the tables and centerpieces! They were so, so beautiful. Luckily, I do have some shots of the dahlia cupcakes that MOH Alisa got!

Aren’t they gorgeous? They were delicious, too.

Another thing that was gorgeous was my rented dress, which I mentioned in a post back in March. It was Tibi from Rent the Runway, and I LOVED it.

(Loved my aunt Becca’s dress, too!)

So anywho, you all know how a shower goes. You show up, you freak out over seeing friends and family that you haven’t seen in ages …

Long-lost college buddies and long-distance cousins!

You hopefully get to wear or carry something that makes you feel special, like this awesome bride wine glass that MOH Alisa gave me as an engagement gift …

A few toasts are made, in this case by my future-mother-in-law, who was also wearing a beautiful dress …

And then it’s gift time! That’s the part where you try to sit like a lady while opening presents so that nobody can see your underpants.

One of my stand-out gifts was this incredible Wedding Day Survival Kit from MOH Alisa. It had everything. She seriously went nuts with this thing, and it was SO awesome to have on the wedding day!

At one point, my cousin and Mr. Panther showed up, and it was like a celebrity had entered the building. I mean, there are even paparazzi shots.

Don’t they look pleased to have just entered a room full of excited women?

According the timeline of photos (which were taken by MOH Alisa’s sister Stefanie, by the way!), something really funny happened at this point.

My cousins Rachel and Shira, plus MOH Alisa and cousin/bridesmaid Leah, formed a pretty efficient assembly line. When we finished with the gifts, I remember saying to MOH Alisa, “I should say something now, right?” But I’m awkward, so of course when I stood up, I made this face while trying to figure out how to get everyone’s attention.

Real cute.

Wedding showers are kind of a crazy experience. Depending on the size, it’s almost like a dress rehearsal for the wedding – everyone stares at you, you greet some people that you’ve never met before but are already immensely grateful to, and you try not to fall on your face. Pretty good stuff! My mom and MOH Alisa did an amazing job.

I guess I was kind of self-conscious about wearing such a tight dress after eating so much food. I’m holding my stomach like that in a bunch of photos. Whoopsies.

Oh, the favors! I didn’t get any pictures of them at the event, but luckily, I brought one home to take photos of.

Sadly, my kitty cat got to it before I did, and left a few bite marks in the tag.

I thought having Boston Baked Beans to represent the place where Mr. Panther and I spent the first three years of our relationship was so perfect!

By the way, my bow bouquet came out frigging awesome. It was like people color-coordinated on purpose!

So, that’s my bridal shower recap. It only took me seven months to post it. Shame on me! I have a few more pre-wedding events to recap, and then we’ll get the juicy stuff: the wedding recaps!

Have you ever thrown a bridal shower? If you’ve been the guest of honor at one, were you as awkward as I was?

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