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I Couldn’t Help But Wonder

July 22, 2011

Hello there, hive! Does anyone remember me? I feel like I’ve been gone forever. What’s that? It’s only been a few weeks? Oh.

In case you hadn’t guessed, Mr. Panther and I are back from our honeymoon and enjoying our newlywed bliss. Actually, I’m enjoying our newlywed bliss with our dog and two cats, and Mr. Panther is on a business trip, but that’s OK. We took tons of photos in St. Lucia, but I think before I get to the honeymoon, I should go back to where I left off in my blogging ventures! And that brings us to my magical, wonderful bachelorette party. Can anyone guess what the theme was?

No? OK, why don’t I start at the beginning?

Over Memorial Day weekend, MOH Alisa and BM Leah flew to Atlanta (from Connecticut and Texas, respectively) to help local BMs Mary Alice and Jess put this thang together. We started off Saturday with the “bridesmaid luncheon,” which really just consisted of me taking the girls to a cute restaurant called Sun in my Belly. We ate a lot of local cheese and drank many mimosas.

BM Jess even marked the momentous occasion by making a sculpture out of the top of a champagne bottle! She’s very talented.

After lunch, BMs Jess, Mary Alice and Leah went off to a secret location to start setting up. MOH Alisa was assigned to Panther Duty, and kept me busy at my place. At this point, I still had no idea what we were doing or where we were going. I just knew that there was a theme, and I couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

Finally, it was time to grab my overnight bag and my rented dress (the Robert Rodriguez Make You Blush dress from Rent the Runway), and we were off to the secret location. It turned out to be an amazing hotel in Midtown, and I was jumping out of my skin waiting to see what was happening in the hotel room.

When I walked in, I was greeted with this:


I was PUMPED. Like so many women, I’m a big fan … but maybe a little bigger than most. There’s one main reason for this. During the five months when Mr. Panther and I were broken up, Carrie Bradshaw became my best friend. Now, don’t get me wrong—I had fantastic real life friends who were very supportive during that time. But every night, I couldn’t fall asleep until I’d watched a few episodes and drowned my sorrows in Carrie’s quips, struggles and successes. Is that sad? OK, I know it probably is, but I was very attached. I had the giant series box set, and I watched the whole series in order … twice. I’ve since watched it many more times, but I’ll never forget the comfort I got from Sex and the City during one of the toughest times in my life.

… So, suffice it to say I was really, really happy with this theme choice.

I wish I had more photos to show off the amazing job my girls did with the decorations. The entire hotel room was draped in garland made from Sex and the City images, including alternating print-outs of the Absolut Hunk. Everything was hot pink, black and zebra print.

The girls had found a list of Carrie’s “I couldn’t help but wonder” questions online and written them out on pink cards, which were scattered all over the place. And even the cupcakes got in on the zebra print!

The two bedrooms in the suite were labeled with the names of Sex and the City newlyweds from the movies.

Each of my four bridesmaids had picked one of the Sex and the City women and got me gifts based on their character. SO cool.

Upon closer inspection, I found that MOH Alisa (who is an amazing artist) had handwritten my wedding font (Memoriam Pro) on the gift bags. Are you kidding?! No detail was missed by these girls. Seriously.

Anywho, before it was present opening time, we all wanted to get dressed and ready. We all poured our Cosmos and Absolut Hunks and headed for the bathroom. Have I mentioned that MOH Alisa just so happens to be a professional makeup artist (in addition to regular artist)?

Chyeahhh! She helped the rest of us get our makeup on and even endowed us with some awesome false lashes. The finishing touch to my outfit was the Carrie veil that the girls had handmade for me. Sorry for the blurry photo, but I think you can get a sense of how amazing this thing was.

Photo by Wire Image via TV Crunch

Eh? Eh? Perfection. And finally, we were ready to pose for some pictures and open some presents!

Just have to put it out there … I loved my dress, but I didn’t love how it looked on me. I had rented two dresses for the occasion, and neither one looked great, but this one at least looked better than the other, so I wore it. When it comes to renting dresses, you win some, you lose some! Lesson learned.

This post is getting mighty long, so I think perhaps I should save the rest for another one. Next up: awesome gifts, lots of drinking and perhaps a little bit of pole dancing.

Did your bachelorette party have a theme? What was it?

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