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Mrs. Panther in the Heez

July 4, 2011

Oh, hey, hive! Just wanted to check in and say hi and tell you a little about this thing Mr. Panther and I did over the weekend …

We got married!

It was amazing. It was full of warm, smushy, happy love; the weather was absolutely perfect; and our friends danced their pants off until the very end of the night. And the best part? At the end of it, Mr. Panther was my husband!

I wanted to write my last post as a Miss after the rehearsal dinner, but I was super bummed to find that our venue (where I was staying with my bridesmaids) didn’t have Wi-Fi. There wasn’t even enough cell service to write a quick post on my phone. But it’s probably better that I didn’t, because it would have been really negative. Mr. Panther and I have barely slept for the entire month of June, and by the time our rehearsal rolled around, we were both exhausted and sick. People asked me all week, “Are you nervous? Are you nervous yet?” and I kept replying, “Nope. Too stressed.” I couldn’t feel anything but stress and anxiety, and it damn near ruined my wedding day. Ladies, don’t do this to yourself! You know how certain details can’t be completed until you have the final head count? Cut as many of those as you possibly can, and if you can’t cut them, make them simple. It’s just. not. worth. it.

Luckily, when I woke up on Saturday, I felt much better. I was ready. The gorgeous sunshine pouring in my window certainly didn’t hurt! As the day went on, I found out something interesting. I had spent the past year and a half worrying about giving explicit directions to my groom, wedding party, family members, vendors and guests so that everything would go exactly according to plan. As we got closer to the wedding, I ran out of time for detailed timelines and instruction lists and signage. But you know what? They all figured it out, and the awesomeness of the people around me just blew my mind. It’s so tempting to become a control freak as a bride, but my life would have been much easier if I’d had more faith in everyone.

Our wedding party was incredible. Mr. Panther’s groomsmen cleaned up SO nice, and were so helpful all weekend long. My bridesmaids … I don’t even know what to say. They packed our welcome bags late into the night. They talked me through all my fears and worries. They even mediated a vicious fight between my mom and aunt on my behalf. But best of all, they constantly told Mr. Panther and me how much they love us and how happy they were for us. That meant more to me than anything. They are honestly the most wonderful people in the world, and I am so, so, so lucky.

I can’t wait to show you all pictures of the whole day. Until then, I still have a few things that I didn’t have time to blog about before the wedding. I’ll be hanging around until my pro pics are back, don’t you worry! But first, Mr. Panther and I are off on our honeymoon to St. Lucia. We can’t wait to sleep late, float around in the pool, and eat a thousand turkey club sandwiches. (Do they have turkey club sandwiches at Sandals? Because that’s what we plan to live off of.)

Talk to y’all super-soon! Hope you’re having a FANTASTIC Fourth of July!

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