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Keep It Simple – Maybe I’ll Give It a Shot

June 22, 2011

The wedding’s getting close, guys, and I’m starting to lose it. Prepare yourself for an overflow of randomness in this post.

Back in my early ‘Bee days (eight months ago! OMG!), I wrote a post about my unwillingness to keep things simple. I said, “This is my wedding. If I’m going to go overboard, isn’t this the perfect opportunity?”

I kept up this mindset for a long, long time, but as the wedding creeps closer (11 days! OMG!), I find myself desperately trying to simplify, simplify, simplify. Instead of tissue paper flower escort cards, I’m making single layer tented cards. Instead of making bird-on-a-wineglass place cards, I’m forgoing place cards entirely. Instead of hand-stamping and matting all our thank you cards, I created a design that matched our invitations and had them printed out. It all makes me sad, especially the bird place cards, but there’s nothing to be done. I just ran out of time. And I don’t want to kill myself over something that, in the grand scheme of things, doesn’t really matter. Sigh.

There have been many casualties in my mission to annihilate unnecessary details. Sadly, one of them just might be my beautiful, sparkly, wonderful J. Crew bracelet.

This is only partly to avoid extra work. It’s also part of my desire to Just Have Fun at the wedding. First of all, the bracelet is too big. You can’t tell in the photo above, because I’m holding my arm funny, but it falls down around my hand when I put my arm down at my side. It’s delicate, and every time I touch it, I’m afraid something’s going to fall off of it. It’s heavy and it’s bulky. I love it, but I just don’t know if I can eat, drink and dance comfortably while wearing it. I had every intention of bringing it to a jewelry shop to get it shortened, but I just never got around to it, and I worry that it probably wouldn’t survive the adjustment, anyway.

There’s another story, too. Shortly after I bought my big-ass bracelet, I spotted this one, and fell in love.

Image via J. Crew

But I already had a bracelet, so I forced myself to walk away, and eventually, it sold out. As soon as it sold out, I regretted not buying it.

Months later, J. Crew released a mini version, but it just wasn’t the same.

Image via J. Crew

Again, I stepped away and moved on. But today, I was at the mall scooping up some last-minute things for the honeymoon, and I swung into J. Crew for a couple pairs of shorts. I couldn’t resist taking a quick peek at the jewelry case, and … well … the original was back.

Image via J. Crew

It’s just slightly different from the first one I saw. Dare I say, a bit more rosey? Rosey gold? Like my wedding bands? I took it as a sign. I bought it.

By the way, I took these photos with the waterproof digital camera I bought for our honeymoon. Not bad for a point-and-shoot, right? Plus, it’s pink! Anyway, back to the bracelet.

I really love it. It’s so much more comfortable and sturdy-feeling, but still bold and different. Plus, it looks awesome with my wedding tattoo, which I had calligraphized (yeah, that’s a word, ’cause I said so) by the amazing Fran at Little Flower Calligraphy last year. It’s from a poem by Daniel Ladinsky, which we’re also using on our ceremony programs.

Anyway. I’m thinking I can still wear my big chunky bracelet for the pictures and the ceremony, but I haven’t decided yet. I got it on mega-sale right before it sold out everywhere, so it’s not the WORST thing in the world if I don’t wear it. I would definitely find another occasion for it!

In actuality, I guess switching out my jewelry at the very last minute isn’t exactly “keeping things simple.” But for the record, I also said in my anti-simplicity post, “I think my ‘bridal styling’ will be among the last few things I choose, simply because when it comes to my looks, I change my mind a lot.” I may be crazy and indecisive, but you can’t say I don’t know myself well!

Anyone else second-guess your wedding day look at the eleventh hour? Anyone else try to cut down on extra worry at the expense of things you’d really looked forward to? Anyone else less than two weeks away from their wedding and TOTALLY LOSING IT?!

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