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Trialing It Out

June 16, 2011

While I was in Connecticut for my bridal shower, I also carved out some time for the eagerly awaited hair and makeup trial. I was PUMPED. I’ve had my inspiration photos for quite a while, and couldn’t wait to see how they’d work out.

Makeup was easy. The word “fresh,” “classic” or “timeless” have never described me. I wanted bold, dramatic and smoky, like this:

Photo via

And this:

Photo by Aaron Young / via Inspired by This

As for hair, I decided last year, while trying different styles with my dress, that I wanted a low side chignon, and it was easy-peasy to find examples. I loved this look on Nicole Kidman:

Photo via / Getty

And of course, on the absolutely stunning Mrs. Cowboy Boot:

Photo by Tec Petaja / via Weddingbee

Hey, look at that! I just noticed that Mrs. Cowboy Boot and Nicole Kidman have the same hair color! Funny.

Anywho, the night before the trial, my mom and I got airbrush spray tans. I’ve always felt better about myself with a little color in my complexion, but ever since I discovered the joys of sun spots, I’ve hidden from actual UV rays. I used to get booth spray tans all the time in college, but this was my first airbrush, and I LOVED it! If you’re in the central Connecticut area, I highly recommend Milano Salon and Day Spa. They’re the bomb. Dot com.

The next day, my mom, Mr. Panther’s mom and my aunt joined me at Dana Bartone‘s salon, cameras and inspiration photos in hand. I also brought my box o’hair: my Raquel Welch 10-piece clip-in hair extensions.

Dana started with my makeup, because I wasn’t wearing any and I felt like a beast. Then, we moved onto taming the ratty nest that was my un-straightened hair.

Yikes! Frightening, isn’t it?

When the extensions were in and everything was pinned up, it looked like this:

I think in that photo, I’m saying, “It looks awesome, but something’s not right.” I finally concluded that it needed to be lower and more “bun-like.” Dana was great with my vague request, and adjusted it for me. Don’t be fooled by the face I’m making in this picture. I was really, really happy!


One more shot of the hair:

At that point, we decided to throw in the veil to make sure it would work out. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but the veil was my mom’s. In her wedding, she wore it attached to a wreath that went on top of her head. I wasn’t really down with the fairy princess look, so we had it put on a comb. I have to admit, despite my initial misgivings about a big, long, traditional veil, it DOES look super bridal:

(I am very, very sorry for the inappropriate amount of leg I’m showing in that photo. Eek!

Look how long it is! This baby definitely won’t last past the ceremony.

Meanwhile, my mom got a soft updo with some braids worked in (though you can’t see them in these pictures):

My aunt got a rolly-looking curly updo:

And Mr. Panther’s mom rocked some pretty curls, too:

After the trial, we put our styles to the ultimate test: a boat ride down the Connecticut River. I thought it was kind of a crazy idea after spending a bunch of money to get my hair and makeup done, but Mr. Panther was DYING to waterski, and I am a fantastic fiancé, so I caved. We snapped one last group photo before saying farewell to our ‘dos:

From left to right: My aunt, Mr. Panther’s mom, me, my mom.

I had to let Macy out to enjoy the Connecticut grass a little bit before we left, too. Have you guys ever compared northern grass to southern grass? It’s SO MUCH BETTER. So soft and cool and GREEN. I miss it.

Smile, Macy!

I know. My puppaloo is so frigging cute.

So, how did my hair and makeup hold up after the boat ride? Um … OK, I guess. Mr. Panther held onto it for me so I wouldn’t lose my extensions.

But really, it never stood a chance.

At least Mr. Panther got to go waterskiing.

Did any of you totally destroy your hair and makeup after your trial, or did you go somewhere nice and peaceful to enjoy it as long as possible?

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  1. June 16, 2011 5:03 pm

    So pretty!!!!!

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