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Shimmery Things & Sparkly Rings

June 2, 2011

Hey, hive! How’s everybody doing? Everything good? I miss you guys! It’s been a crazy few weeks here at Chez Panther. We’ve attended two weddings of our dear friends, written a ton of thank you cards for a lot of wonderful early gifts, visited with visiting future in-laws and … LAST WEEKEND WAS MY BACHELORETTE PARTY! I can’t WAIT to post about that when I get pictures!

Speaking of pictures, I’ve been holding out on you guys with the invitation reveal and I’m very sorry. I finally sat down tonight, all ready to get my post on, and laid out a neat invitation suite to photograph. I got up to get Mr. Panther’s fancycam and … it wasn’t there.

“PANTHER!” I screamed from across the house. “WHERE’S YOUR CAMERA?!”

“Uhh … It’s at the studio,” he replied calmly. “Why?”

… Motherfudger. So, the invitation post will have to wait one more day. But at least I have some other pretty things to share, and I already have pictures of them! Look what finally came in the mail!

It’s our long-awaited flower girl dresses! They are the Jordan L608T (“T” means ankle-length—they also come in floor-length) in “plum” iridescent taffeta, and we bought them from I was a little freaked out by ordering online at first, but it really worked out! Yes, they took a long time to arrive, but the prices were low-low-low, and the dresses are beeaaaauuuuutiful. And the fabric color, which I agonized over for weeks (I never actually saw it in anything other than a swatch in person!), is gorgeous with the bridesmaid dress fabric and my dress fabric. See?

Love it. Now I just need to ship these babies up north to our little ladies in Massachusetts! Their mom just had a baby, so I hope they don’t require any alterations!

We also had another exciting arrival in the past few weeks … our wedding bands! Hooray! As you may recall, Mr. Panther and I both ordered semi-custom rings. I saw mine in white gold but ordered them in rose gold, and Mr. Panther ordered a combination of a few different rings, with brushed white gold in the center and rose gold milgrain edging. I was pretty sure I’d love mine, but Mr. Panther was a little nervous. Luckily, when we finally got to see them IRL (In Real Life!), we were both thrilled.

Here’s Mr. Panther’s in the box:

Gorgeous, right? He loves that he has a ring that he’s never seen on anyone else, and I love that the white gold and rose gold combo matches my ring set. Sadly, it needs to be sized down. We’ll both be really sad to see it go away for a couple weeks! Here it is on Mr. Panther’s hand:

As Mrs. Brooch would say, “Now, that looks married!”

Aaaaaand here are a million pictures of my bands, because I’m obsessed with them!

I really, really want to wear my rings now. I mean, look! They match my watch!

Or maybe I could just wear them on my right hand, with my promise ring?

No? Not cool? Sigh. OK. Anywho, the bands will look better with my e-ring once the jewelers cut out all the scrolly stuff underneath my diamond setting so that the bands can fit there. I’ll miss the scrolly stuff, but at least I got to enjoy it for over a year!

Anyone else get ridiculously excited about their wedding bands? How’d you manage to keep yourself from wearing them right away?!

OH. By the way. This happened, too.

Photo via US Magazine / Credit: MP/SC/Flynet

I love Sara Rue. I thought she was fantastic before she lost the weight (though her character on Eastwick was kind of bitchy), and I think she’s fantastic now, and I also love her frigging hair. But yeah, I’m a little sad that she wore my wedding dress a month before me. I knew that anyone who reads bridal magazines would have already seen it, but I had kind of hoped that most of my wedding guests would think, “Wow, what a unique dress!” Now, any of them who reads US Weekly or People will say, “Isn’t that Sara Rue’s wedding dress?” Oh, well. I still love my dress and I still feel very lucky to have it. I just wish her wedding was after mine! On another note, SO many of the comments on the online articles say that the dress looks like a chenille bedspread, which cracked me up, because that’s EXACTLY what my mom said when I showed her a picture of it for the first time. I happen to love chenille bedspreads and am totally cool with that!

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