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Party On, Wayne!

May 9, 2011

I can’t believe it’s taken me so long to write this post. Worst blogger ever. I’ll be better once I get these damn invitations out, I promise! (And then I can post about the invitations—wahoo!)

Anywho, two weeks ago, Mr. Panther and I had the pleasure of attending an awesome, awesome party at bridesmaid Jess’s house. The fact that this party was for US only added to its awesomeness. Remember this post, featuring a frigging amazing fringey invitation in a kraft paper envelope? Well, if you thought the invitation was incredible (I did!), wait until you see the party itself.

Bridesmaids Jess and Mary Alice, my two craft-spirations, worked their butts off to make the prettiest decorations and yummiest food I have ever seen/tasted. Seriously, it’s like they climbed inside our brains, pulled out all our favorite things and hung them from the rafters. Look at this!

(That’s Cricket, my friend Alice’s dog, by the way! Ain’t she cute?!)

There were sugar cookies with our names on them, made with Jess’s “Message-in-a-Cookie Cutters” from Williams-Sonoma:

Pretty flowers with FRINGE IN THEM, and our favorite cupcake flavors (strawberry & vanilla = Mr. Panther, yellow & chocolate = me) with fringey flags:

Mason jars and Cricut-vinyl-decorated-glasses (of which I accidentally broke several—SO SORRY, YOU GUYS) for sweet tea vodka deliciousness:

(Sidenote: Sweet tea vodka makes me sloppy. Need to remember this for next time.)

Pretty friends, little caprese salad skewers (or whatever you call them) and DEAR LORD, THERE WERE CHICKEN AND WAFFLES:

Do you see the little mini-waffle and popcorn chicken on the plate?! I wish I had a picture of the whole platter. It was heaven. FYI, chicken and waffles is one of my favorite things in the whole wide world.

More fringey garland and super pretty flowers:

(Nice face, Mr. Panther.)

Good conversation and ensuing hilarity:

Gorgeous bottles of wine as favors, complete with custom tags tied with raffia:

(Photo courtesy of my friend Jeff)

Jess even let us bring Macy, despite her … issues … with being around humans. She’s so emo:

She perked up temporarily when I let her sit on my lap, though. Our friend Andy caught an excellent Instagram shot of that moment of magic:

Mr. Panther, Macy and I finally left the party late at night, our tummies full of waffles and our car packed with gifts and leftover cupcakes, feeling so lucky to have friends who inexplicably think we’re cool enough to deserve all this. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again—I have the best bridesmaids!

Love you guys so much!

All photos courtesy of Jess, unless otherwise noted.

Has anyone else had a Stock the Bar party? Isn’t it such a great idea??

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