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Doggie on Board

April 12, 2011

Hey, y’all! I know you already thought I was crazy for deciding to move into a new place three months before the wedding, but guess what! I’m even crazier than you thought!

Yesterday, we brought home our latest bundle of love—a puppy!

Her name is Macy, and the shelter said she’s a Sheltie/Cavalier King Charles spaniel mix. When we asked our vet what he thought, he shrugged and said, “Sure, maybe!” So really, she could be anything. The facts are these: she’s about seven months old, she weighs 23 pounds, she likes our cats and she’s not housebroken yet. Yikes! Also, she is allowed on the couch, but not the bed. That was an arbitrary decision.

We’ve had her for almost 24 hours now, and she is a lot of work, but not as much as I expected. The house-training is going to require some patience, but we’ll get there, and she hasn’t been destructive at all. I’m not saying I’ll necessarily be able to construct envelope liners without her getting her little nose involved … but maybe she’ll sit quietly in her crate while I do so. She only seems to want to lay in her bed for very brief periods of time, at this point.

Still, are we nuts for getting a dog two weeks after moving into a new house and three months before getting married in another state? Yes, of course! But I just feel like we’re getting so close to where we want to be. I kind of just want to hurry up and get there, instead of prolonging the journey, you know? Once we’re married, we’ll be all settled into our new house with our new addition—one big happy family.

We’ve just got to get this whole wedding thing taken care of, then we’re good to go!

Anyone else make major changes right before the wedding? Anyone have any genius house-training tips? Or puppy tips in general?

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  1. April 18, 2011 7:57 pm

    Hi fellow bride!

    We have a Ruby King Charles Cavalier, and our doggies faces look very similar, my guy has the white tuxedo too! Of course mines has long floppy ears and is quite a bit smaller. I think that you are correct about his breeds. House training, cage is wonderful, Kingsley loves his cage! Also, bells. Yes bells. He rings them when he needs to go outside, it’s awesome! I bought bells and strung them on ribbon with jump rings, I even layered a few colors and thickness of ribbon to make it personal. (they often have them already made at the pet stores for $25, Amazon has them for only $16 )

    Your dress is GORGEOUS! Good luck to you, and I love your blog!


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