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We’re Invited!

April 7, 2011

You guys, I have the best bridesmaids. While my MOH Alisa is hard at work up north planning my bachelorette and BM Leah is booking plane flights to fly all over the country to see us (from her current home in Texas), BMs Jess and Mary Alice are here in Atlanta whipping up these beauties:

Aren’t they amazing?! I so wish I knew where Mr. Panther’s fancycam was so that I could get a better picture of them. My stupid iPhone doesn’t do them justice! What looks like blue tissue fringe is actually this gorgeous teal, and the shimmery color is actually a beautiful metallic peach … And the kraft paper envelopes! Ahhhh! I’m obsessed with them.

And I mean, moving past my crazy love for the invitations, how awesome is it that they’re throwing us a party?! It’s funny—I think I’d feel much stranger about the wedding if I wasn’t the one planning it (for the most part). I never feel like I deserve for someone to throw me a party! I mean, Mr. Panther deserves it, because he’s awesome, but the fact that I’m getting this, and a Connecticut shower, and a bachelorette party … it blows my mind. I am way too lucky.

Anyone else feel totally unworthy of the wonderful things people do for you while you’re a bride-to-be?

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