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In a Sequin Stupor

March 9, 2011

Hey, guess what!

I got another wedding accessory! (Well, actually, I got three, because I couldn’t tell which one I liked best on the internet, but I’m returning two of them, so …)

Can you tell what they are?

It’s sequined, zippered lingerie to wear under my dress!

… No, I’m just kidding. They’re clutches!

(I couldn’t resist using a photo that included my little Josie.)

The top two are the Halston Heritage “Jenny” clutch from (Note: The colors are currently labeled incorrectly on the site—be careful if you’re going to buy one!) The bottom one is BCBG Max Azria from I ordered all three yesterday, and they came today! I love that!

They are very sequined and very large. But that’s OK. Here’s why.

When it comes to accessories, I like ’em a certain way: bold and/or sparkly. (Studded is also a plus.) I know that for the wedding, you’re supposed to go with classic, understated elegance, but well, that’s just not my style. It wouldn’t feel like me, and I’d hate to not feel like myself on my wedding day! So clearly, I’ve been staying true to my accessory style thus far. Please see Exhibits A, B and C.

In my opinion, the bridal clutch is not very important, compared to most of the other bridal accessories. I mean, it just stays at your seat until you need to grab some lip gloss or something, right? If I already owned a clutch that would work, I’d just use that—but pretty much all my handbags are black, so I had to purchase something. Because I was purchasing something that would barely be seen at the wedding, I figured I should get something that I would use again. And oh, man, will I use an oversized sequined foldover clutch! It’s PERFECT!

I found the rose gold Halston Heritage clutch first on Shopbop, and fell in love with it immediately. But I always try to find a cheaper option before I buy anything online, so I dug around and found the BCBG clutch, too. I had a feeling I’d like the Halston better in person, but I thought it’d be a good idea to at least give the cheaper one a try! I found the Halston clutch on Endless and wanted to order from there to take advantage of the free overnight shipping, but their colors were labeled wrong. The pink one was labeled “silver,” and the gold one was labeled “rose gold.” I contacted customer service to figure out what the deal was, but they said it would take at least a week to investigate. I figured it’d be faster to just order both—plus, I was curious about whether the gold would match my shoes and dress better.

I’m happy to report that all three are gorgeous and look amazing with my shoesies!

But, as I suspected, the rose gold Halston is my very favorite. The BCBG is great quality, but I think the lack of an exposed zipper makes a huge difference. And the gold is beautiful, but perhaps a bit costumey in such a big size.

Before I packed up the rejects, I couldn’t resist taking some photos of all the glittery goodness. Please indulge me while I post a few so that I have another excuse to stare at them.


I think this next one needs to be my new desktop background:

So now, the wedding day look is almost done, and my sparkly shoes have a new sparkly friend!

Just the earrings and undergarments left to go!

Did anyone else go big, bold and bright with their wedding accessories? Or did you keep it clean and classy?

(All personal photos except for exhibits A, B and C)

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