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Our Memories in Motion

February 9, 2011

Mr Panther and I love our photographers. One of their greatest strengths, in our opinion, is their ability to capture the emotion and story of a wedding day. Because of this, we hadn’t planned to hire a videographer. I’d seen my fair share of cheesy wedding videos and didn’t think we’d miss it.

But over time, several married friends and coworkers told me that we might regret it if we didn’t have a wedding video. After hearing it over and over, I started to worry that they were right. So, we began looking into the cheapest videographers possible.

Unfortunately, the lowest price tier of videographers were, uh … not what we had in mind. They were tacky, full of cheesy special effects and seriously all used background music from 1996 or earlier. Why are so many videographers stuck in the last century?! It just didn’t seem worth it.

I was almost ready to give up on the idea when I got a strange letter in the mail. I had to read it at least seven times before I could finally gather that some kind of corporate merger had led to a bunch of my stocks (purchased by my grandfather when I was born) being turned to cash. I’m sure there’s an official term for this, but finances aren’t exactly my area of expertise, ya dig? I hadn’t planned on selling them, but since I didn’t have a choice, I wasn’t about to turn down the nice big check headed my way. I decided to dedicate a little bit of it toward the videographer (and save the rest), and suddenly, we had a much better pool to choose from.

Our photographers share a studio with a company called Vantage Point Films, run by videographer extraordinaire Tom Morlock. They’d posted on their blog about Vantage Point, and I’d generally skipped past it, not wanting to tempt myself. But since we were now in the market, I decided to give the videos another look. And thank goodness I did, because they were amazing! Check out my two favorite highlight videos:

I love these. I love them SO much. I’m totally obsessed with Tom’s use of rack focus (my coworker just taught me that term today! did I use it right?), and the way he used the audio from the vows over the first dance footage, and the gorgeous ring shots at the end of both videos … Yeah, we were sold pretty quickly. It didn’t hurt that Tom was such an awesome guy, either. We booked him right away. Yay!

I feel so grateful that one little piece of mail allowed us to hire an amazing new vendor who will help us remember our wedding day forever. Sometimes, the universe just throws you a bone, ya know?

Did anyone else decide to spring for videography based on the advice of married buddies?

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