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Bowls and Bubbies

January 21, 2011

It’s been a crazy week, hive, but I just wanted to pop in and share a little bit of exciting news. Well, it’s exciting to me, anyway.

First of all, remember my desperate search for the perfect mercury glass or silver footed bowl? So many of you commented with great suggestions and links to amazing bowls! I found some really awesome options, and I also kept Googling. While searching for “mercury glass bowl,” I came up with this result many times:


It was exactly what I wanted, but it came as part of a Teleflora holiday arrangement for $60. The bowl wasn’t available by itself. Or so I thought! Dun dun dunnnnnn. Turns out my florist saw these and also thought the mercury glass bowls would be perfect for wedding centerpieces. And as a Teleflora retailer, he was able to buy a bunch of them! So he’s hanging onto them for my wedding, and we’re good to go! So. Pumped.

And in other news, Mr. Panther and I finally gave in to our temptation to ask my aunt if her adorable little son (my cousin) could be our ring bearer. And she said yes!

Personal photo

Isn’t he the cutest?! Wondering why we’ve been waffling for so long? Well, he’s two. So he’ll only be two and a half at the wedding. Generally, I don’t trust any kids with important responsibilities, and he’s not even really technically a kid yet. He’s a baby! But then we got to hang out with him over Christmas, and gosh darnit, he’s just so cute. I’m really usually not a baby person, but I love him to death. We couldn’t resist! His nickname is Bubbies—hence the post title. I bet you Real Housewives of New Jersey fans thought this post would be about boobs! Sorry—maybe next time. So anyway, little Bubbies will be wearing a little tux and pretending to carry our rings down the aisle. That is, if he cooperates. And now, I get to search for ring bearer pillows!

I really didn’t expect to have one, so I haven’t done any looking at all. However, I have come across this one while stalking EmersonMade, of course.


I love it, but I’m not sure that we need to spend $68 on something that a) will not actually hold our rings, and b) will be carried around by a toddler. Guess I’ll continue the search!

We also need to find a tiny tuxedo that will be comfortable and cute for a little boy in summertime. I love this, but I think the vest is probably a bit much:


Has anyone else had a very young ring bearer or flower girl? Got any tips for keeping the youngster in line?

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