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Hooray for Faux Bouquets

December 30, 2010

Having my dress hanging in my guest room closet has its disadvantages. 1) It takes up a lot of space. 2) I’m even more terrified of fire than I used to be. 3) It’s really hard to stop myself from taking it out, and my hands always have food on them, so that’s really dangerous.

However, the situation certainly has some positive sides. In addition to being able to pose my shoe choices in front of it, I can also test out color combinations. Since coming up with my flower plan, I’ve been obsessing over whether light-colored flowers would look strange against the “caffé” fabric. As a reminder, this was one of my favorite inspiration bouquets:


Actually, while I’m at it, can I show you some more of my favorite bridal bouquets? Would that be all right? I have so many pretty pictures, and it seems a waste not to share them. OK, great!






OK, OK, you get the idea. I knew I wanted the peach/blush/light yellow big lush flowers with dusty miller, but I also wanted more purple, and I couldn’t seem to find any examples of that. So, I made a crappy Photoshop mock-up:

I’m embarrassed to post this, because I did such a terrible job cropping the aqua ribbon, and the flower sizes are SO not to scale, but eh. I was feeling lazy. I also forgot the peonies and the dusty miller. Nice job, me.

Either way, it sure did look pretty on my computer screen, but would it go with my dress? Finally, to assuage my fears, I decided to try making a real bouquet that had similar colors to my dream bouquet. Easier said than done, you guys. The florist near me was supposed to be open, but it WASN’T. Don’t you hate that? Unfortunately, I had the bug, so we went to Whole Foods instead. The selection wasn’t great. I found some peachy-type roses, ONE stem of purplish-blue hydrangea, some pretty pink tulips, and a whole buttload of yellow and purple fluffy stuff. I later learned from a comment on Miss Jam’s DIY bouquet post that this is called “limonium.” Thanks, sunnydebs! Anyway, not one of these flowers is something I’m considering for my bouquet, but the color balance was close enough. Here’s what I came up with:

The ribbon is still Photoshopped. Again, I was too lazy to go buy actual ribbon. Lazy lazy lazy.

I think it works! What I found is that I need the purple to be around the edge of the bouquet to keep my dress color separate from the light-colored flowers. That way, the yellows and peaches don’t clash. I’d also like to use the dusty miller leaves around the edges, too, I think, but I’m not sure how that would look with the aqua ribbon.

I liked this little project. It helped me get a better idea of what I want my bouquet to look like, plus big bunches of flowers are just so nice to have around! In my opinion, my faux bouquet looked beautiful in a vase … on my messy bathroom counter.

If we leave flowers or plants out, the kitties chew on them and/or knock them over, so these had to live in a room we could keep them out of. Oh, well.

Anyone else make a bouquet mock-up before leaving the real thing to the pros? Did your florist think you were crazy, or did you use it as inspiration for the final product?

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