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Arboreal Aspirations

December 20, 2010

Mr. Panther and I are in Connecticut this week for the holidays, and we’re so happy to spend time with my awesome uncle, Papo. As I’ve mentioned before, my uncle has always been like a second dad to me, and since I lost my first dad, he’s really stepped up to the plate.

Even though he’s crazy-busy, my uncle really wants to build us a wedding arbor. We argued at first—the last thing we want to do is pile more work on him, especially since he’s already walking me down the aisle—but he insists. So, now we’re making plans for a hand-built awesome arbor that we’ll keep in our backyard some day! I already had lots of arbor ideas saved to my inspiration file, so we’ll be working off of those. We know we want wood, and we think we want it to have a flat top with an arch underneath it. Like this:


But all we really care about is that we can hang flowers from it. I’ve had photos from this wedding saved on my computer since April:

We have to have a photo like this:


We like the test tubes, but these little canning jars are so adorable, too!


As far as flowers go, I like the purple allium from the first set of photos, but how gorgeous would little dahlias be? With big dahlias and hydrangeas tied at the corners of the arbor, like this?


Can’t you just picture it?! The key, I think, will be to create a gorgeous hanging flower backdrop without blocking the view of the water.

Anyone else all about arbors? Got any good hanging flower inspiration photos to share?

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