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Dress Decision Mishaps

October 23, 2010

I’m a really, really, really indecisive person. Some might say that people like me shouldn’t do things like get tattoos (I have four) or make major decisions ahead of time (um, hello, Miss Booked-the-Venue-18-Months-Before-the-Wedding), but I do it anyway. However, I tried to take my time with my wedding dress. Keyword being “tried.”

Before I got engaged, I thought I would want an A-line, V-neck lace gown. Matron-of-Honor Mellow assured me that my tastes might change when I started trying dresses on, but I didn’t really believe her. But man, was she right.

(Personal photo)
YUCK! Is that one of the most unflattering things you’ve ever seen, or what? I also tried on this one during the same shopping trip:

(Personal photo)

I’m literally laughing in that picture because the dress looked so bad on me. Clearly, I was headed down the wrong road. As I looked at more magazines, I quickly realized that my new favorites featured floral embellishments. My dream dress was the Melissa Sweet “Adrianna”:


… But I couldn’t find it anywhere! By the time I fell in love with it, it wasn’t even up on the Priscilla of Boston site. I continued using it as an inspiration photo when I visited bridal salons, though, and ended up with dresses like the “Chicago” by Blue by Enzoani, which was gorgeous:


And this one by Marisa, which was OK:

(Personal photo)

But none of them were quite right. After a trip to Priscilla of Boston and trying on this one, which for all intensive purposes should have been perfect, I finally accepted the fact that I didn’t like chiffon. And after trying this, which was also really wonderful but just not “The One,” I accepted that maybe V-neck wasn’t going to work out, either.

So, I revised my requirements again, and finally came up with a list of inspiration dress photos. Some of them were total pipe dreams, but some were actually affordable, and I set off to see them in person.

(Source: Amsale Blue Label – “Bijou”)

(Source: Amsale Blue Label – “Dahlia”)

(Source: Martina Liana – 296)

(Source: Monique Lhuillier – Sunday Rose)

(Source: Sottero & Midgley – Gracie)

And I actually ended up with one of them! Can you guess which one?

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