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Allow Myself to Introduce … Myself

October 13, 2010

YOU GUYS! I’m a Bee! This is insanity. I’ve been stalking following Weddingbee since before I got engaged in March, and have been counting the days until I could apply. I can’t believe I actually got accepted! Dreams do come true, people.

My little Josie-cat doesn’t usually like to wear her bee costume or her bee hat, but she agreed to put on both for this very special occasion.

(Personal photos)

OK, actually, that’s a lie. The first photo is from a couple weeks ago and the second is from August. Josie already owned the aforementioned costume and hat because her nickname is “Da Bee.” Don’t ask.

Seriously, though, when I found out I’d been accepted, I really was excited enough to buy cat costumes, or do something equally ridiculous. I was still at work and had just received a phone call from Mr. Panther. He was in the middle of asking me what I wanted from the grocery store when he was interrupted with “ohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygodohmygod!” Knowing that I’m prone to distraction, he ignored me and kept talking about groceries. I finally found a few more words and incoherently babbled to him about the email I’d just received, and he was excited, but really, mostly focused on the groceries.

“Cool, so do you need some of those frozen lunch things?”

Finally, Mr. Panther politely excused himself with promises to choose the best Smart Ones in the freezer aisle, and I continued celebrating in my cubicle.

And here I am! Did anybody get the movie reference in my title? I’ve been chuckling about it for 10 minutes now. That’s one thing I can tell you about myself: I laugh at my own jokes. Frequently. I laugh at pretty much everything else, too. Honestly, “Miss Hyena” might have been a good choice for my character, too, but my Animal-Planet-obsessed fiancé called hyenas “ravenous, scary animals,” and I also just couldn’t resist “Miss Panther.” Here’s why:

  1. I LOVE CATS. Especially big cats. Seriously, what kind of animal is cooler than a big cat? They’re beautiful and soft and you want to cuddle them, but at the same time, they will mess you up. Nobody messes with a big cat. I’ve wanted a big cat as a pet for as long as I could remember, but since it’s generally not considered a good idea, I’ve been satisfied with lots and lots of small cats.
  2. This particular big cat likes to wear a lot of black, I think. And so do I! It doesn’t always fit in with the sea of floral patterns surrounding me in my new home of Georgia, but I just can’t help myself. Fashion-wise, I’m a New Englander through and through, and no amount of Anthropologie visits will ever change that.
  3. When big cats mean business, I imagine they get what they want—but they also know how to have a good time. Have you ever seen a video of a big cat playing? They work hard and play hard! Like me!

You’ll notice that I’m saying “big cats” instead of “panthers.” I can’t really generalize about panthers, because as it turns out, THERE’S NO SUCH THING! I just learned this as I was researching them this morning. When you see a black panther, like my adorable/bad-ass character, it’s actually a leopard or a jaguar in a different outfit. Seriously.

Say whaaaat?

Bagheera from “The Jungle Book” was actually an Indian leopard. Crazy, right?

Anyway. I’m off-topic again. The point is, I’m really, really, really happy to be here, and I can’t wait to tell you guys all about my wedding. In my next post, I’ll tell you more about my relationship with Mr. Panther and how we got here (both to Atlanta and to our current state of about-to-be-marriedness).

Hive—I’ve waited so long to start a sentence that way!—I already love you so much. Let’s be best friends, OK?!

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  1. October 13, 2010 3:05 pm

    “Seriously, what kind of animal is cooler than a big cat? ” None you’re right. BUT PANTHERS AREN’T EVEN REAL!?!? Who knew your wedding blog would be so educational?

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