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From the 1950s with Love

October 3, 2010

The dress? Check. The hair piece? Check. The necklace? Check. The bracelet? Check. OK, you get the point—I bought a bunch o’ crap. But I’ve been putting off the earrings decision.

I’ll probably put it off for a while longer, but I just found this site, Portobello Jewelry, via Once Wed, and I’m loving these vintage earrings!


They’re pretty different from my other jewelry, which is a good thing—I don’t want to be too matchy. And they’d add a pop of color and tie into the peacock feathers in the bouquets! (Did I mention that peacock feathers are part of the plan? I didn’t? Ugh, I’m a mess. Sorry. More later.) The only problem is, they’re $289 and the site doesn’t offer returns. It’s a bit scary to spend that much when I’m not even really an earrings person.

Are these beauties worth the risk? Did you prioritize certain parts of your wedding day look and procrastinate others?

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  1. Alisa permalink
    October 10, 2010 6:50 pm

    i put off the earrings..and ended up wearing yours! lol. thats kind of a scary price for something non returnable…but if you love them go for it. They are cute enough that you can still wear it with other outfits. Maybe you can wear them for the rehearsal dinner or something if you don’t end up wanting to wear them with your wedding dress?

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