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Belles of the Ball

September 21, 2010

What a productive weekend! Matron-of-Honor Mellow was here from Connecticut, so we visited my dress sample at Bridals by Lori, and … we picked out the bridesmaids dresses! Woohooooooo!

We’re doing the J Crew “Arabelle” and “Taryn” dresses in matisse blue. These pictures don’t do it justice—it’s like a bright tealish-blue.

(“Arabelle” source and “Taryn” source)

I’m pumped because this worked out PERFECTLY! I wanted everybody in a color just like that, but I wanted it to be flexible (silhouette-wise and price-wise), so I thought we’d be going the mismatched dress route in different shades of turquoise. But then everybody liked these! Lucky break, eh? Now that the bridesmaids’ dresses are chosen, we can move on to more fun stuff like flowers, and flower girl dresses, and ACCESSORIES! I’m excited to see what we can do with jewelry and hairpieces on the ladies—having everyone in the same color and fabric will make it much easier to go wild with the accessories without looking too mish-mashy.

We haven’t done too much flower girl dress shopping, but I think I’ve already got it narrowed down. While we were at Bridals by Lori this weekend, we spotted this:

(Personal photo)
Isn’t it adorable (minus the twisted belt)?! That’s MOH Mellow showing it off. Isn’t she adorable, too? It’s the Watters 45763.

But then I found a mini-version of my dress online! Ahhhhh!! So now, it’s between the Watters dress and this one, the Jordan Fashions Sweet Beginnings L608:


Both dresses come in light purple, which I think would be perfect—pastel and girly, but fits into the color scheme. The Watters dress would be tea-length and the Sweet Beginnings dress would be ankle-length.

Our visit to Bridals by Lori deserves its own post, so hang tight for that. Just one word for you: MONTE.

Have you ever had a couple of days when all your wedding desires just fell into place?

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  1. Mary permalink
    July 20, 2011 6:09 pm

    Hi! I am an MOH for my sisters upcoming wedding and she is also wanting to do the same dresses in matisse blue! I wanted to check with other brides who had used these dresses to see if any of their bridesmaids wanted to sell their gently used matisse blue j crew dresses! Please respond to this post to let me know!


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