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For the Online-Obsessed Bride: Stationery

August 10, 2010

A girl who I went to college with recently posted Facebook photos from her July wedding, and I was surprised to see a few familiar faces. And by faces, I mean fonts and ring bearer bowls. I eat, sleep and breathe wedding blogs, and a web-inspired wedding typically contains at least one of the Online All-Stars (commonly-used vendors, design elements and online retailers that appear all over the blogosphere), so I’ve pretty much got them all memorized. But for some reason, it never occurred to me that another bride from the real world would be as obsessed as I am. It’s not because I think I’m cooler or more web-savvy than anyone else—it’s just because I’ve mostly assumed that I’m actually insane and nobody else in the small circle of humans that I know could possibly be quite that crazy.

Anyway, I became familiar with the Online All-Stars through the slooooow process of reading every wedding blog I could find and bookmarking the things I liked. As time passed, I noticed that a lot of other people liked them, too. My “Wedding Stuff” bookmarks folder is massive, and it’s about time I did some editing. I thought it might be cool to compile all these resources into one blog entry, which I’ll continually update, and then if anybody else is interested, maybe it could help them!

I don’t think I need to tell anyone that it’s allll about Etsy. For any bride looking for a unique, individual, personalized wedding within a reasonable budget, Etsy is where it’s at. I’m going to try not to link to EVERY single Etsy shop on the planet, but I just want to point out that if there’s any custom item you’re looking for, you can probably find someone to make it for you. Just sayin’.

It turns out this post is just going to be stationery, because holy crap, I have even more pages bookmarked than I thought.

THE LIST: Stationers and Printers

  • Wedding Paper Divas: TONS of cheap and stylish invitations with matching RSVP cards, thank you cards, escort cards, enclosure cards and more. Their digital or flat offset printing is the best way to go, in my opinion—they’ve got any design you can think of, and it’s veeery reasonably-priced. If you want to go letterpress or thermography, this is not the place to get it.
  • Hello Lucky: Cute, quirky flat-printed and letterpress wedding stationery, with full matching suites available. Best for a more casual or whimsical wedding—they do have fancier designs, but I personally don’t think that’s where their strengths lie. They also do custom design. Hello Lucky is not cheap, but it’s adorable!
  • Minted: Similar to Hello Lucky, but their designs come from a range of graphic designers, so you’ll get more varied options. Like Wedding Paper Divas, they’re very good about keeping up with the latest design trends. Minted is slightly more expensive than Wedding Paper Divas, but having ordered samples, I think their quality is slightly better.
  • Paper Source: I’ve got a Paper Source store near me, so I haven’t had much experience with their website, but their invitations are really classy and timeless. It’s a little more hands-on if you order online, but if you go into the store, an associate will help you pick out all your stationery and enclosures. Loooove me some Paper Source.
  • Ceci New York: If you can afford this, then I hate you. This woman makes THE most amazing wedding suites. She offers both ready-to-order and custom designs. This is a much more labor-intense suite (for her, not for you)—we’re talking matching envelopes, gorgeous belly bands, laser-cut sleeves … Sigh. I mostly use her site for inspiration.
  • Atelier Isabey: Another “couture” stationer. Very similar to Ceci New York. Very expensive, very incredible.
  • Posh Paperie: This stationery company advertises “custom invitations and paper styling”—take note of the “paper styling” portion. This isn’t an “order your stuff online and call it a day” kind of vendor. I believe they only do custom designs, and they’ll incorporate the design across the whole wedding, from stationery to paper flower arches to decorative paper pinwheels. They’re based in California.
  • Rifle Paper Co.: Adorable hand-illustrated stationery. They haven’t debuted their ready-to-order wedding stationery yet, but can be hired for custom work. If you see illustrated invitations with whimsical calligraphy and nature scenes, you’d be safe to assume it came from Rifle Paper Co. They’re on the up-and-up!
  • Mr. Boddington: Super unique designs with fun touches, like contrasting envelope liners, custom maps and quirky favor boxes. The studio’s in New York City, and I hear it’s REALLY cool inside.
  • Wiley Valentine: Beautiful flat-printing and letterpress. Not super cheap, but not ridiculous. These designs make great use of fancy script fonts and recognizable motifs.
  • Gwyneth Paige: One of my favorite ready-to-order letterpress designs is from this site! Check out the Claire suite. Fresh, pretty, not overdone and GREAT taste in fonts. They do custom designs, too.
  • Sweet Peony Press: Really gorgeous letterpress—commission a custom design or choose from the collection.
  • Paperwhites Press: This stationer does both flat-printing and letterpress, but like Wedding Paper Divas, I think the best designs are for the flat options. If you’re looking for a classic, timeless, quality invitations, but can’t afford letterpress, this is awesome! The customer service is really friendly, flexible and helpful. Brad and I loved the sample we received of the Dahlia invitation, and were completely on board to order from here—that is, until we discovered …
  • Twin Ravens Press: Small independent design and letterpress company, based in Oregon. Kristen, the woman behind the whole operation, does awesome designs, but she also will letterpress any design you send her for a VERY reasonable price. We thought we couldn’t afford letterpress until we found her through Weddingbee. She’ll work with other graphic designers, or with you if you’ve designed your own stationery. And the finished product is awesome quality—she sent us a ton of samples!
  • Studio on Fire: Very similar to Twin Ravens Press. They offer custom design and letterpress printing, or they’ll letterpress a design you send them.
  • Mercurio Brothers: Another letterpress printer, except they only print designs you send them. It’s a bigger company and you’ll be much less involved in the process (I’ve heard you send them your design and then don’t hear from them again until it ships), but it’s cheap and the quality’s good.
  • Printable Press: If designing your own invitations isn’t your thing but you want to use an independent printer, this site offers customizable templates. You pick a design from the site; contact them with your requirements, requests and info; they customize the design for you; you get a high-quality PDF to send to a printer (or print yourself). It’s very cheap compared to totally custom graphic design—$70 for an invitation, $40 for a Save the Date, etc.
  • Betsy White: Betsy White’s customizable wedding logos are sort of similar to Printable Press’s customizable stationery. Betsy White also does printed stationery and invitation suites, but she’s known best for the logos. You pick one of her 24 available wedding logos (read: suped-up monograms, sometimes with dates added in), give her your info and color preferences, and she redoes the design for you. You pay $50-85, and a few days later, you’ve got a high-res wedding logo to use for whatever you like.
  • Rabe & Company: This is a graphic design company, so they technically don’t fit into this list, but I’m OBSESSED with the “Bryan & Christina” invitation they designed. So clean and modern and eye-catching … SIGH. Totally out of my budget, but love, love, love.

Custom Maps & Calligraphy

  • eDanae: Gorgeous hand-painted maps. Antique-looking, beautiful calligraphy … amazing.
  • Laura Hooper: Tons of different calligraphy styles, and fun, whimsical custom maps.
  • Crystal Kluge: Really unusual calligraphy—definitely a more whimsical vibe—and detailed map designs. If you love her calligraphy but can’t afford it, you can also buy it in a font, which is really cool!
  • Pantomime Papers: Fun illustrated maps by Weddingbee’s Miss Snapdragon.
  • Penned and Pretty: The most affordable calligraphy I’ve found so far—only $0.90 per outer envelope! It’s not your typical scripty calligraphy, but it looks cool and would fit really well with more modern stationery.
  • MM Ink: Just pretty calligraphy. This calligrapher seems to do really well with colored envelopes, too.

OK, that’s it for now! Whew. I have a ton of resources for DIY stationery, but that needs its own post. One giant massive post. Anywho, I’ll keep updating this, for anyone who cares!

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  1. August 15, 2010 10:34 pm

    So just tonight I saw down and started to google. Please give me some direction. Where do I start reading/finding blogs?!! What are the best ones??? Who are the Online all Star vendors that everyone loves?! I LOVE BEING ENGAGED!!!!!!!!

    • August 16, 2010 2:19 pm

      Eeeeeeee!!! My faaaavorite blogs are all listed on my “Blogroll” (if you go to my blog and scroll down, it’s a list on the right side of the page), but there are SO many more! You’ll definitely find your niche when you figure out what your “bridal style” is. =) There are all different blogs for the “rock and roll bride,” the “classic bride,” the trendy bride, the vintage bride, etc etc etc. ISN’T BEING ENGAGED SO FUN?! I’m going to have withdrawals after my wedding, I swear.
      For vendors, Style Me Pretty has this list called the “Little Black Book” ( with all their favorite vendors across the country. They definitely tend toward the trendy/vintage style. My photographers and hair/makeup people are on there, woooooo!

  2. August 19, 2010 8:35 am

    Thank you so much for putting Gwyneth Paige on your list of wedding stationers! I love your tidbits about each of us! You hit the nail on the head EVERY time. P.S. Claire is my favorite too.


    • August 19, 2010 11:13 am

      Andrea, it’s so cool to hear from you, and I’m so glad you liked the tidbits! =) PS: I love your blog — especially Tuesday Shoesday. Best part of the week.

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