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Gold and Pearls: Part Two

August 4, 2010

Oh, on a lighter note—I got some jewelry!

The J. Crew bracelet sold out online, so I got all panicky and rushed into the store, where it was on FINAL SALE! It was down to $59 from $99, and then an additional 30% off. I got it for less than half of what I was prepared to pay on the website, so yay! I also ordered this necklace from, and then when the Lee Angel necklace came off of pre-order, I ordered that one, too.

The Carolee Lux necklace is gorgeous, but as you can see, it doesn’t really match the J. Crew bracelet:

(That’s the two pieces next to my not-very-helpful dress swatch.)

The necklace is gold pearls with bright gold metal, and the bracelet is white pearls with an antiqued gold metal. I love the gold pearls, but I’m not so sure about bright gold with my dress. So, I was very excited when the Lee Angel necklace arrived (in really impressive Neiman Marcus packaging!) yesterday. Here’s the two options:

Carolee Lux necklace:

Lee Angel necklace:

Totally the Lee Angel, right?! It’s so much more unique, and I think the pale gold will be gorgeous with the dress. Plus, the Carolee Lux one has a big clasp with red/purple/pink stones on it, and red/purple/pink are not exactly my color palette. I still love this Kristin Morris necklace, but DUDE, it’s not worth $900, and I’m not having it! DEAL. GET OVER IT. (I’m talking to myself.) Plus, silver is probably not the right choice with my dress, anyway.

So? Thoughts? Please pardon the visibly dangling bra straps—I was trying to make my tank top look like a strapless sweetheart neckline.

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