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The Wedding That Could Have Been

July 11, 2010

As I’ve mentioned, the Cape has always been my dream wedding location. Wychmere Harbor was my dream venue, and boy, is it a dreamy place.


When we booked the Inn at Longshore, I fully expected to carry on with the beach theme. Hydrangeas, escort cards nestled in the sand, blues and greens everywhere, a casual, flowy white dress, the whole shebang.



But, ya know, shit happens. Particularly, caffé-colored ballgowns happen. And countless wedding blogs full of vintage chic receptions and whimsical stationery and other things that are SO not beach-inspired. So, minds change. And since it’s fairly rare to see a beach wedding on the rustic-barn-obsessed blogs that I frequent, I haven’t given our poor beach wedding much thought.

Strangely, though, after the Fourth of July passed, the backyard barn blogs were really feeling the navy blue, and gave the peach-champagne-blush-gray weddings a rest for a bit. I came across this post on Inspired by This, and it made me a little nostalgic for my old theme. Just look at some of this gorgeousness!

(It doesn’t hurt that this photo’s by Our Labor of Love, who could probably make a pile of dog poop look romantic.)


Ultimately, I’m pretty sure that I can’t avoid a beach/nautical theme, to some extent. I mean, this is our venue.

(Personal photo – That’s me and Mr. Panther during a venue visit in June.)


I just hope we can take the typical New England waterfront wedding and make it into something that represents Mr. Panther and I as a Connecticut couple who moved to Georgia and fell in love with the charming, unabashedly feminine southern style (at least I did, anyway—maybe Mr. Panther didn’t really fall in love with feminine style), while still ending up as something Style Me Pretty would appreciate. Because damn, I love me some Style Me Pretty. But the Inn at Longshore is not a barn or a backyard, and it never will be. I don’t think I want to put my wedding dress anywhere near horse manure, anyway.

Hive, did any of you totally change your mind about your theme? What made you reconsider?

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