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Everything in its Place

July 5, 2010

As some may have noticed, I really sucked at blogging last month. Work was A*&#%(*&ALJ&#%$%, and I was pretty busy just trying to keep my head above water, so my self-expression kinda fell by the wayside. But I did, at least, accomplish a few key wedding-related things in June.

  1. Went with two of my four bridesmaids to try on bridesmaid dresses.
  2. Visited our venue again, and remembered to get pictures of our linen choices this time.
  3. Helped the future in-laws pick out a rehearsal dinner location.
  4. Got our engagement pictures taken in Boston.
  5. Booked the bridal suite and an additional bridesmaid room for the night before the wedding.
  6. Put down a deposit on our hair and makeup stylist.
  7. Finished designing our Save the Date. (At least, I think so—it may require adjustments when we get our engagement pictures in, and I need to find a Pantone book to make sure the ink colors will come out right.)
  8. Finally got all my craft supplies organized!

These are all pretty freakin’ exciting, but the craft storage is pretty paramount right now. I’m not the neatest person, by any means, but I do like to keep things organized. Having all my new stuff piled in shoe boxes and half-ass Office Depot containers was really starting to stress me out. So, bridesmaid Jess and my good buddy Jeff joined me at Ikea for what they thought would be a quick, easy trip. Unfortunately, I overestimated the available cargo space in my car, and my new giant bookcase just was not having it. But after some crazy MacGyver bungee work by Jess, the monster made it back home. And here it is!

Woohoo! The bottom shelf holds my (from left to right) Xyron 510, Cuttlebug, laser beam (!) paper cutter and my new Martha Stewart scoring board.

The second shelf holds my Cricut Expression (it’s here, it’s here!), Cricut cutting mats, various paper cutting tools (punches and whatnot) and a smaller box with calligraphy pens and markers.

The third shelf has a fabric box with my current project (which is thank you cards), Cuttlebug supplies, Cricut supplies, various adhesives, samples (paper types! printing methods! stationery! I love this box) and all my wedding books.

The top shelf is cardstock, scrap paper, rubber stamps and ink pads, heat embossing supplies, random embellishments and a framed copy of our engagement party invitation—framed for us by Brad’s grandma.

The plastic container on top, which I originally thought could hold ALL my crafting supplies (ha!) now holds about 40 engagement cards. I also very generously let Brad put his growing album collection up there. I’m so nice, huh?

This is quite possibly the most boring blog entry ever written, but I’m beyond excited to finally have a home for all the stuff I’ve acquired over the past few months. Can you believe it was just three months ago that I was writing about how I couldn’t possibly handle sticking my Wedding Paper Divas invitations onto a pre-cut paper mat?! Now here I am with plans to do ALL the stationery completely by myself, with the exception of paying for offset printing and letterpress printing (to print the stationery that I’ll be “designing,” of course).

I can’t wait to post more about my new Cricut and our Save the Dates, but I should probably go accomplish some things now. Since we got over the engagement pictures hurdle, I’ve really let my dieting and exercise regimen slip, and obsessing over all my new toys has really taken my attention away from laundry, cleaning, cooking healthy meals, etc … Today would probably be a good day to get back on the grown-up wagon.

Happy Fourth of July weekend, everybody!

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