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Muchas Gracias

June 2, 2010

Our custom thank you stamp from JLMould on Etsy finally came today, so I made some thank you cards for engagement gifts. Woohoo! Actual wedding stationery, sort of!

This thank you card was a long time coming. I’m not going to lie to you guys, I basically totally copied Mrs. Ladybug’s cards. Thanks for the inspiration, Mrs. Ladybug! Please don’t kill me!

Anywho, I got the same peony stamps that she used from Stampworx2000, and ordered a stamp that would say “thank you” in Feel Script, my current font obsession. I also used A2 notecards, lavender cardstock from, antique gold envelopes from and my favorite Cuttlebug embossing folder, in case anyone cares.

I’m really excited about how well the custom stamp came out!

How cool is that?! It’s clear, so you can see where you’re stamping. Only $16.95 plus shipping, dude!

I also bought a pretty vector pattern on and designed my own wraparound labels.

I realize this is not the correct address for Mickey and Minnie. It’s FPO.

I’m thinking about printing them onto metallic text-weight paper and running ’em through a Xyron 250 Create-a-Sticker machine. What’s that you say? It’d be a waste of money to get extra equipment and materials just so my address labels can be metallic? Because nobody cares? Well, you may be right. BUT IT’S TOO MUCH FUN TO STOP.

What have you guys done to personalize your thank you cards? Did you use the same thank you cards for your engagement gifts, shower gifts and wedding gifts?

(All personal photos)

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