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Cricut Your Losses

May 25, 2010

Like many Bees before me (Pengy, Mrs. Dachshund, Mrs. Duckling, Miss Argyle, etc.), I am officially Cricut-crazy. I cannot wait another MINUTE to get my hands on one! For those who are not familiar, a Cricut is an electronic die-cutting machine. It’s like a printer, except instead of printing things with ink, it cuts them out with a bunch of digitally-controlled blades. It’s meant to be a cartridge-based system—you buy cartridges (like old school video games!) that contain a bunch of shapes, letters and/or designs, and then use the machine’s controls to choose a size and such.


BUT—that’s not how I’ll be using it. I’ll be using software called Sure Cuts A Lot, which lets you upload your own digital images to be cut out. I haven’t played with it much because I don’t HAVE the Cricut yet, but it could do something like this:

(Personal screenshot)

… Or something more complicated. Any font can be cut out, and you can even import some images into Sure Cuts A Lot and it’ll convert it to outlines for you. SO COOL! I have lots of ideas about how I want to use my Cricut. (By the way, that’s pronounced like “cricket.)

Since I’m (hoping to) get the largest model, which can cut up to 12″x24″, I’ll be able to use it to cut envelope liners for A7-sized envelopes. And oh, man, I could make some seriously cool escort cards.

Look at these!


Or these … um … cheese signs. You know, for cheese.


I love these place cards.

(Source) Timeless Paper on Etsy makes these, and they’re gooorgeous, but I’m poor, so I think I’ll make something like them myself.

I’m a simple kinda gal, but if I felt like doing some more intricate, the Cricut can (allegedly) totally handle it—like these cupcake wrappers:


Wedding menus, like these awesome ones by Mrs. Penguin …


Banner thingies …


… And programs … and on and on and on. I can also emboss designs onto these things with my new Cuttlebug, which I recently got on mega-sale at Joann! Also, I love the Paper Source paper flower kits, but SUCK at cutting out the petals … Welp, there goes that problem!

Is anyone else just dying to get a Cricut? For those of you who bit the bullet and bought one, what have you done with it?

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  1. Bianca permalink
    May 26, 2010 2:19 pm

    Keep the geeky stuff coming!


  1. Scared of Stenciling | glitter & goat cheese

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