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Our Little Cuttle Buddy

May 24, 2010

When I woke up this morning, my fiancé said to me, “Want to go buy a Cuttlebug today?” Uh, YEAH! Boy, do I!

A nearby craft store was having a sale on all papercrafting supplies, so it seemed like the perfect choice. And it definitely was the best decision we’ve made in weeks! In addition to getting 40% off all our embossing folders, dies and a few others fun things, we also had a few lucky breaks. I had brought in another 40% off coupon that I’d printed from online, so we asked if we could use it on a $25 Spellbinders Nestabilities die that wasn’t on sale. For some reason, the 40% off kept applying to the cartridge and the Cuttlebug! The poor sales associate kept trying to fix it, but eventually gave up—we got the $90 Cuttlebug for $32! PLUS, when the woman took the die out of the cage behind the counter, it was stuck to another one and nobody noticed until we took it home. So we ended up with two $25 dies for $15! Yes, I know it’s dishonest to keep it, but … well, I actually really wanted that one. And don’t worry, this store is a major chain with plenty of money, not some family-run business.

ANYWAY. Our Cuttlebug!

There it is, with one of our little cuddlebugs checking it out.

Brad very graciously split it with me because he’s suddenly really into embossed things. I’m hoping to get a Cricut Expression for my upcoming birthday, and we’re both really excited about that, but it just cuts, so the Cuttlebug will fill our embossing void.

We don’t really have any wedding stuff to do with it yet, so we made a few random thank you cards.

Click on the image to get a better look. Come on, you know you want to!

Mine’s the white one—I used an A2 folded card from, the Cuttlebug Textile embossing folder, the Spellbinders Labels Five die and printed “thank you” in Buffet Script onto some resume paper I had lying around. Brad used some blank cards he bought from the Craft-Store-That-Shall-Not-Be-Named, the Cuttlebug Bird Call embossing folder and extra cardstock from Michael’s.

Since we were so caught up in the papercraft sale, we also got some cute little stamps to make signature-type-things on the back of our cards.

Mine says “all you need is love” and has two cat faces—one for Bela and one for Josie. Brad used a “Created by” stamp and signed his name under it. Cute, eh? I like to think we’re just about the craftiest couple in Atlanta*.

*We probably aren’t. I just like to think it.

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