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My Eyes Are Bigger Than My Belly (Band)

May 20, 2010

I have EIGHT months before I can realistically start ordering wedding invitations. I need to chill. But I have so much fun experimenting with different options and projects, and I can’t seem to relax unless I’m doing something … So, my project a few weeks ago was to “design” a monogram, which turned into an all-out font hunt, which turned into “designing” a Save-the-Date, which turned into creating belly bands … I finally got my hands on Feel Script, a font that’s pretty well-known among the paper-loving brides out there. Once I made sure that the company we hope to order our invitations from, Paperwhites Press, could use the font for them, I let myself go a little font-crazy.

I soon found out that some fonts come in “OpenType,” which means they have different options for each letter. Feel Script has standard ligature, contextual alternates, discretionary ligatures, swashes, stylistic alternates and titling alternates. That’s how you get those fancy flourishes and such. So, I found my favorite uppercase “S” and my favorite uppercase “B,” bought a decorative frame from and whipped up a monogram.

It’s nothing too special or professional-looking, but it’ll serve our purpose, I think. And today, I made it into a belly band! For anyone who doesn’t know, a belly band is a piece of paper or fabric that wraps around a pocketfold to hold it shut. I’ve seen other people incorporate monograms into them—here’s one from Wedding Bee.

I knew I wanted to use a paper punch to make a fun shape, because I’d originally tried with squares and it was boooooooor-iiiiiiiiing. I messed around with some different shapes in Photoshop, but couldn’t pick any specific configuration. Turns out, Michael’s decided for me—they only had a 1.5″ scalloped circle punch and a 2″ smooth circle punch, so here’s what I ended up with, after some strategic hot glue gunning!

The color’s obviously off—my nails are actually hot pink—but you get the idea. That’s not the exact paper we’d use, either—I love me some metallic for the backing layer, and I don’t know if it’ll be light purple, aqua, whatever. And I kind of wanted grosgrain ribbon in a bright color. But I’m also just not so sure about the shapes! Here’s a few other options:

A scalloped circle on the outside and smooth circle on the inside?

Fancy squares!

Or, of course, what we already have—smooth circle on the outside, scalloped circle on the inside.

It’s all very complicated. I guess it’s a good thing I don’t need these belly bands until next February or so. But don’t worry, I have another project on the horizon. I ordered a custom rubber stamp with the words “thank you” written in our font, and I’ll be using that and some super pretty (and pretty overpriced) peony stamps from Stampworx2000 (welcome to the future!) to make thank you cards way too far in advance. Yes, everything’s being done way too far in advance. But ya know what? DIY-ing takes time, y’all.

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