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A Bird-Brained Table Theme

April 29, 2010

Hooray, I finally came up with a concept for naming the tables! Sort of. I mean, kind of. Anyway. I’ve been trying to come up with something cool but not cutesy for naming the tables. I wouldn’t die if I had to just use numbers like a normal person, but I thought it’d be cool to add in a little something extra.

So, as I’ve mentioned, I’m totally cliché and love the idea of incorporating birds into the decor in some way. I don’t want an entirely bird-themed wedding or anything, but I’d like to throw some in where possible. And since there are lots of kinds of birds, I thought naming each table after a different kind of bird would be fun.

But how to execute it? Just writing out the name of the bird would be boring. I thought about using rubber stamps, but how the hell was I going to find stamps of 22 different birds? Black and white printed illustrations like this might be an option:


… But finding a lot of those might be hard, too. And not quite as pretty. Then, I came across this wedding on Style Me Pretty.


I’m not sure exactly where the couple got the images they used for table numbers, but they look to me like note cards. You know, the kind you find sets of in artsy stores? So I Googled “bird postcards” (wanted to make sure I found flat cards instead of folded), and most of the results that came up were vintage. Ah! Vintage postcards as table numbers! Perfect!

I figure I’ll mat each postcard on a solid piece of cardstock, and write the name of the bird above it. Then I can mat the cardstock with floral fabric. Then I can put that whole piece into a vintage picture frame or something. If I can’t find enough birds, I can use types of flowers, too. I’ve already got a flower theme happening, anyway. Birds and flowers. I like it. And The Graphics Fairy has tons! This is so happening.


Anyone else getting a little creative with your table numbers? Tell me about it and let me live vicariously through your cool themes! (Mr. Panther and I have definitely not traveled enough to come up with 20 place-themed tables.)

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