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It’s a Wrap

April 24, 2010

A few weeks ago, I read on a message board somewhere that wraparound labels are the only type of labels that are acceptable for wedding invitations. The whole point is to include both the return address and invitee’s address on one label, but Mr. Panther and I just ordered a custom birdy stamp, so these labels won’t work out for us.

But since my mother so graciously let me make our engagement party invitations, and since they had her return address, I got to try out the ol’ wraparounds!

I found a bunch of free templates online:

Polka dots from A Very Chocolate Wedding

Multicolored from A Very Chocolate Wedding

Cherry blossom from LeBlahg

The ubiquitous really plain ones from Martha Stewart Weddings

And my favorite, damask from The Fussy Designer

You can type directly into most of these with Adobe Acrobat or Reader, but I ended up opening them in Photoshop so I could make the purple a little darker and adjust the font some more. I searched all over the place for cheap adhesive paper that wasn’t pre-cut into labels, and ended up sending poor Mr. Panther on a wild goose chase to find Staples Sticker Paper—the cheapest, by far, at $13 for 30 8.5″x11″ sheets.

So here’s how they came out!

(Personal photo)

They’re on Paper Source envelopes in “pool.” Cute, right?

I know many a Bee before me has used wraparound labels. What are some of the coolest ones you guys have seen? Send links, woooo!

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