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DI-Why Not? Har Har Har.

April 21, 2010

Welp, I may not be a good crafter, but I am a damn good shopper.

Ta-da! My DIY wish list has been fulfilled and then some. The roll on the left is gorgeous decorative paper from my new favorite store, Paper Source. Next to that is my SWEET paper cutter, which just came in. On top of the paper cutter is my small collection of rubber stamps, ink pads and embossing powder. My Xyron is on top of my new storage box, and my heat embossing tool is in front of it. Scattered around are various decorative paper punches (all flowers!), two rounded corner punches, an adhesive runner, small glue dots, my box of calligraphy pens/markers, envelope liner templates, my lame-ass pink bone folder and envelopes that I bought from Paper Source for our engagement invitations. Phew!

But let me tell you guys something. If you hear that DIY is the cheaper route for wedding invitations … well, give that some thought before you assume it’s true! I didn’t buy all these products for my wedding invitations, and I think I’ll continue to use them after the wedding, but I’ve already spent—DON’T TELL BRAD!—over $400! Yikes. But I think if all goes well, I can make our save-the-dates and invitations even better than they were going to be, and I’m going to make the escort cards and MAYBE thank you cards myself. So, yeah. I’ll save some money, maybe.

Anywho, now that I finally have all my tools, I finally got to put a project into action. My mom’s throwing us a really small engagement party while we’re in CT this summer, and since there aren’t a lot of guests, it was a good opportunity to try making invitations. I had already tried making a design in Photoshop (I won’t post it here; it’s not great), but I just couldn’t get it to print to my satisfaction on our home inkjet. Too flat and blah. So, I decided to just print the text, and then bring in the design with punched-out shapes and/or embossed stamps. I knew I would have some of my envelope liner paper leftover, so I figured I could bring that in, too.

I haven’t picked out actual cardstock yet because I’m waiting for some samples to come in the mail, but I did a test run with some blue/green paper I had lying around. Here’s the result, but try to picture it with colors that match the envelopes and liners better, and punched out flowers that aren’t the same color as the invitation.

The gold in the center of the flower on the bottom left is made from gold embossing powder … but here’s the problem. Embossing powder is meant to be applied to a wet ink imprint left from a rubber stamp. I just wanted a little circle of gold, and the original plan was to stick a round glue dot in the middle and then dunk it in fine gold glitter. But damn Michael’s didn’t have any gold glitter! So I bought gold embossing powder, clear embossing ink, and then tried to make a round “stamped” area with the end of a pencil eraser. It just … didn’t really work out very well. So I need to figure out that part, and then I’ll probably put gold dots in the middle of some of the other flowers, too. Or maybe I’ll get a paper punch that cuts out little circles, and stick those in the center. And I might want to round the corners of both rectangular layers … It’s a work in progress.

I’m SO excited about my paper cutter and Xyron. Check out this laser beam:

And the way the Xyron works is SO cool. I can’t even describe it, really, but suffice it to say that I feed my invitation through it, and it comes out with the back completely covered in adhesive. All I have to do is peel off the backing and a clear layer on top—no cutting required. I can’t wait to make more sticky stuff! I already want the baby version to make ribbons into stickers. Gahhhh. I’m out of control. But this is fun!

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  1. Jess permalink
    April 21, 2010 11:07 pm

    duuuuuude those look great.

    i’m proud of you missy!

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