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My DIY Wish List: Part One

April 17, 2010

I believe my crafting limitations have been previously established. I’ve got the enthusiasm part down, but I’m … not good at this stuff. I once decided I was going to learn how to knit. I picked up a copy of Stitch ‘n Bitch, and swung by Joann Fabric for yarn and needles. Sixty dollars and many, many hours later, I had a few inches of mangled scarf, about 19 dropped stitches and a new determination—to give up knitting. Most of my crafting stories end this way.

But this is serious, people. If I want to have my wedding exactly how I want it, and I don’t want spend the kind of money that comes with custom design, I need to pick up some skills. Since our Save the Dates need to go out in a few months, stationary is the first thing on my list. Remember last week, when I said there was no way I was going to do any kind of DIY with my stationary? Well, whatever. I’m just going to make it happen. I can DO this. I’ve been doing some internal pep talking.

After some preliminary research, I’ve come up with some projects that would save me money, and the things I’ll need to complete them.


  1. Envelope liner template kit – $10.95

    It comes with clear plastic templates to trace liners for a bunch of different-sized envelopes. Yes, I could make these myself out of posterboard or something, but since I’m HORRIBLE at EVERYTHING, it’d probably be safer to shell out the $11.

  2. Decorative paper – No clue how much this costs

    Pretty self-explanatory. Could use a pattern or just a pretty solid metallic or something.

  3. X-ACTO Heavy Duty 12″ Laser Trimmer – $50 – *PURCHASED*

    Again, not so good with the scissors. This paper cutter has a frickin’ LASER BEAM.

  4. Fiskars Squeeze Punch for Rounded Corners – $10

    Another surprise discovery—most invitation envelopes have a rounded Euro-flap. The envelope liners would obviously have to match. This makes a uniformly-rounded corner. Sigh.

  5. Xyron 510 – $30

    I had never heard of one of these things until I started reading other people’s crazy wedding blogs. Apparently, it’s a must-have item for the “DIY bride.” I hope to be one of those someday, so I guess I need one. Basically, you feed things through it and it attaches a sheet of adhesive to the back, making it into a sticker or a label. If we decide to buy flat invitations and attach them to colored cardstock (25 sheets for $10) ourselves, we would just feed the invitation through the Xyron and then stick that sucker on. I think we could also use this for the envelope liners, or we could be more careful, and use …

  6. Xyron 3/8″ Adhesive Runner – $7.50

    This thing applies a thin line of adhesive. If we used this instead of the Xyron machine, it’d probably be a little easier to get the liner in the right place before it starts sticking to stuff. It just wouldn’t lay as flat once it was in.

  7. Bone folder – $8

    Apparently, you use one of these things to make creases. Creases are necessary for envelope liners. Who knew? Anyway, these are made of bone, so they’re not really vegan-friendly. Hm. Wonder what kind of animal the bones come from. I hope it’s not the kind that would give us bad wedding juju.

Apparently, I need to make a run to Paper Source, which—hello!—has a location that I have walked by a MILLION times and never thought twice about. Probably because I never thought I’d have any interest in paper crafts. Ladies and gentleman, never think you won’t surprise yourself and become a total loser.

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