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Don’t Fear the Fall Collection

April 12, 2010

Before I found my dream dress and rationalized myself into buying it, I had a plan. And this plan was to put off buying a bridal gown until after the Fall 2010 collections had come out. I knew they were right around the bend, and that this was the last grouping that would be released before my dress deadline. Since textured flowers were the new thing, there’d be lots more of them, and they’d be more affordable. And I knew that if I didn’t wait, I would run the risk of falling in love with a new dress and immediately drowning myself in regret over jumping the gun.

But, as I believe I’ve mentioned, everything changed when I met Dahlia. There was no doubt in mind (about the dress itself, anyway—the cost is a different story). And so, I banished any thought of the impending fall collections, and jumped that gun like nobody’s business.

Now, the fall collections are here. And as soon as I saw the first post on Weddingbee, a little bit of terror starting nibbling at my gut. What if another dream dress comes out? Something even better than mine? And—gasp—cheaper than mine? The thought of even looking at the new dresses freaked me out big time, but I could hardly avoid it. I live on wedding sites and wedding blogs, and grab up every new wedding magazine the second it hits the shelves. There was no way around it. So, I might as well just bite the bullet (I’m all about weapon clichés today, huh?) and look.

And it’s OK. Take a breath, Steph. So far, these dresses are beautiful, but none of them are my dress. There are flowers, to be sure, but I think the designers are jumping on the flower trend a little too wholeheartedly.

Christos – Allover daisy print? Hang on—let me take some LSD and then see if I like this better.

In my opinion, when flowers first started showing up in gowns, they were included with some restraint. The architectural, 3-D look was usually a little on the abstract side, and paired with a more simple bodice. With my dress in particular, you have to look for a moment to be sure that the pattern on the skirt is actually floral. It’s flowered, yes, but mostly, it’s textured. As I’ve learned from Tim Gunn, if you use a specific theme, you should use it thoughtfully. And it seems to me that once something becomes a big trend, people are less thoughtful.

Reem Acra – Cheerful, pretty, but seems to have lost the drama.

The rest of the trends I’m seeing (just based on an initial skim, mind you) are things like exaggerated trumpets, sheer corsets and tiered tulle, and that’s just not my style. So, we’re OK. Having said that, there are some incredible gowns coming out, and even though they don’t blow my mind like my Amsale gown, they’re lots of fun to look at. has awesome coverage. Enjoy!

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  1. Alison permalink
    April 14, 2010 1:41 pm

    call me crazy, but i kind of like the all-over daisy print…. not as much as the dahlia, but still kinda cute!

    • April 14, 2010 2:04 pm

      I don’t DISlike it on principle … it’s just a bit too “la la la, I’m wearing a flowered wedding dress!” for my taste. But I do think it’d be really cute for a daytime/spring/garden/whatever wedding on a natural-type bride … I tend to go for the type of stuff that can be worn with eight pounds of make-up, hahahah.

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